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What We Offer

We provide our customers with hardware and software solution recommendations based on the scope of their particular project. This includes the selection of hardware vendors (brand name and model number) along with software solutions and the reasoning behind our recommendation, the strengths and challenges associated with each vendor solution relevant to the specific project is discussed in detail.

Further, our recommendations encompass the selection of co-location providers based on continent and footprint/bandwidth/ SLA requirements. We provide specific pricing outlines along with key contacts across the globe, including lights-out data center environments as well as customer-managed environments. We also provide turn-key proposals where an ETS team designs, builds and manages the global data center infrastructure.
Data Center Solutions
We offer direct consulting services.

We can design a solution for you from initial idea to completed project and provide a road map of how to scale the solution as your business needs grow.

We can provide installation services for any network or data center product.

We can help with vendor selection in non-partisan environment.

We can help you choose a co-location facility anywhere in the world.

We can help you select a network service provider and / or content delivery network provider to suit your exact requirement.