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Support Services

We offer full service network support for as little as $599 per month on a month-to-month basis - there's no long term commitment!
Support Contracts Without the Contract
What do you get?
A typical agreement would cover 24 x 7 support for all network devices and includes four or more hours of ongoing maintenance work for changes and adds during the month. This means if you have an outage you're covered for four or more solid hours of remedial work whatever time of day! If your network is stable you can use those hours for changes and adds or new projects.

When we set up the agreement we will audit and document your existing network and ensure we have remote access, if appropriate. We will discuss the current network design and equipment with you so that we understand not only the technology used and the configurations but why it is the way it is. At that time we might suggest some changes to make your network more reliable if we see any potential problems. We will place an emphasis on being practical and using your current infrastructure as long as it's capable of doing the job.
What technologies can you support?
We can support just about any combination of hardware from all of the major manufacturers and common network protocols such as BGP and OSPF etc. We can also support and configure security products, application controllers (L4-7 products), wireless technologies and core switching and routing devices. We've seen and worked with a lot of different equipment and designs over the years, legacy and cutting edge equipment, but the underlying principles are all quite similar. This is where experience counts - to be comfortable working in heterogeneous environments you really need to have done it and our engineers have proven track records running financial, enterprise and Internet environments as both end users and value added resellers.
Do I still need manufacturer support contracts?
The answer to this is not a simple Yes or No. It simply depends on what equipment you have, the expected uptime and the your customers SLA's. We can recommend what you do and don't need on a case by case basis. Typically we will look to reduce your support costs by removing duplicate or over-coverage. You can be assured our recommendations are based on your needs weighing the required up-time against cost. If we can save you money, we will.