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Efficient Technology Solutions (ETS) provides IT solutions for the LAN campus and data center facilities. We provide our customers with straight, no nonsense consulting, hardware sales, installation and management services to help you choose and operate the right IT solutions for your business.

We do this by first meeting with the customer to fully understand your requirements and objectives through the lifecycle of your LAN campus or data center project. We then draw from our many years of working at major hardware manufacturers dealing with companies such as Sun Microsystems, Google, EA, HP, IBM as well as our experience designing, building, managing and operating LAN campus and data center facilities across the globe for companies like Shutterfly and Hi5, among many others, to arrive at a recommendation and the primary reasons for our suggestions.
Whether you are simply interested in our opinion on a particular vendor for a certain type of project or you need a complete solution - (design, build and management) please give us a call for a no cost consultation. We think you'll find our style of doing business easy, informative and efficient!